At the Office (stylized as @ the Office) is the 14th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 11/8/12. In this episode, Johnny goes to work
with his dad.


  • Johnny
  • Mr. Blan
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Noxxow
  • Mr. Skyheart
  • Grant
  • Random office workers (Snuggie guy, robot, ghost)
  • Yummy (in nightmare)


One day, Johnny is sick, but everyone else is too busy to stay home with him and he is too young to stay home by himself. Mr. Blan decides to take Johnny to work with him. He shows Johnny around a little bit, then takes him to his office, which is in room 12b. Then, Johnny sees Noxxow there. Noxxow explains that he wanted to take over the office because they were there. Noxxow runs away. Johnny tries to catch up with him, which is hard, because he is sick. Eventually, he slips and falls, causing some other people to laugh at him. He starts having nightmares where everyone is still laughing, including Yummy. Fortunately, when he wakes up, he is no longer sick! However, it turns out that he had transmitted his sickness to Noxxow. Johnny can then go back to school.




  • When Johnny and Mr. Blan walk into the office, there is a dog in the background that bounces off a desk. This could possibly be fixed in the future.
  • In one scene, the robot accidentally appears behind a cubicle wall instead of in front of it.
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