All Alone is the third episode of Johnny Blan. It was uploaded on 10/9/12. In this episode, Johnny tries to find out why everyone is missing one day.
Shnosh shnosh


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Kim
  • Others


The episode begins off where Johnny is about to get some cereal, but finds that everyone is missing. He goes around town and finds nobody. Feeling lonely after a while, he starts doing impressions of everyone he knows. But after a while, he wonders where everyone is. He goes into Noxxow's lab and sees that there are multiple Noxxows in there. The real Noxxow says that he made everone in town look like him and kept them all in his lab. He also says that there is a way to stop him, but he hid it where Johnny will never find it. Kim tells Johnny that it is in his parent's sock drawer. Johnny goes there and takes out a giant laser. He zaps everyone, turning them back to normal. Then, Johnny dances for joy, ending the episode.


  • The episode was formally known as "No one but Yourself."
  • It has a similar plot to the Spongebob Squarpants episode "Gone"
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