Battle of the Bands is the 34th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 8/9/13. In this episode, Noxxow and Mr. Skyheart enter a battle of the


  • Noxxow
  • Mr. Skyheart
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Mr. Blan
  • Johnny
  • Karen
  • The Really Good Band That Does not Suck members
  • Audience members


One day, Noxxow visits Mr. Skyheart's appartment. The two of them start playing a song. But their neighbor thinks that the song is terrible. He comes to the appartment to tell them that, and reminds them about what good music sounds like by playing a song of his own. Noxxow decides to challenge him and his band to a battle of the bands that night. It is at Gamitz School. Later that night, the battle begins. First, the neighboor's band, which is called The Really Good Band That Does Not Suck, plays their hit song, Turn Back Around. Once they are done, Noxxow and Mr. Skyheart start playing their song. Unfortunately, it's so bad that it causes the school building to blow up. But Johnny thanks the two of them anyway because they made the show fun. They can't hear him because they were too close to the explosion.


  • The Really Good Band That Does not Suck also appears in Giant Trouble.
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