Byte-Sized World is the 42nd episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 1/10/14 and is part one to the series finale. In this episode,

Johnny in the computer

Johnny goes into Noxxow's computer and discovers that the Noxxowbot is in there.


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • The Noxxowbot
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Charles
  • Grandma Angel


The episode begins with Johnny and Charles about to watch an episode of K in a Day, when Johnny sees a message on the TV. He inspects it and says that it says "error, could not turn on TV." Meanwhile, Grandma Angel is about to take a shower, when the water goes up really high and floods her bathroom. Meanwhile again, Mrs. Blan is doing some cooking, when her microwave blows up. Everyone shares their problems to each other, which gets Johnny to realize that something or someone must be causing the problems on purpose. He asks Noxxow if he did it, but Noxxow says no. Then, Johnny thinks that everyone's problems are being caused by the Noxxowbot. This makes Noxxow want to make a machine that takes the user into his computer.

Once he's done building the machine, Johnny runs in and jumps into it. Johnny looks around for the Noxxowbot, but can't find him. Then, a firewall (that is literally a wall on fire) appears in his way. Fortunately, he cries on it, which extinguishes the fire. When he walks past it, he sees the Noxxowbot is floating right in front of him. Johnny asks why he is there. The Noxxowbot says that after the fight between him and Noxxow, he latched onto the computer and now uses it as a powersource. Then, he tries to blow up Johnny, which causes him to run out of the computer. There is a To Be Continued message, and the episode ends.


  • When the Noxxowbot says that he fought with Noxxow "10 episodes ago," that refers to the events of Sherm vs. Mussel.
  • This computer segments were originally supposed to be animated in CGI with Xtranormal, but the idea was scrapped since Xtranormal got deleted in Summer 2013.


  • In the flashback, the Noxxowbot goes into the computer way too fast.
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