Camping Out is the 27th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 2/8/13. In this episode, Johnny's class goes on a field trip to a campsite.


  • Johnny
  • Charles
  • Mr. Bob
  • Noxxow
  • Tom Camper
  • Principal Julia
  • Classmates


The episode begins at Gamitz Elementary, where the class is about to go on a camping field trip. The bus arrives and everyone gets in. All the while, Johnny and Charles talk about the camping trip, but talking about it so much gets Charles worried because he will be away from his family for so long. But Johnny says that he will love it. Pretty soon, the bus arrives at the campsite. The park ranger, Tom Camper, goes over the rules to everyone. But he took a long time, so Noxxow yells at him. This causes Tom to run away, crying (he apparently has a light heart). Then, everyone decides to have some fun. A montage is shown of the class having fun by hiking, splashing in a pond, and eating lunch on a picnic table. That night, everyone gathers around the campfire. Charles says that he is beginning to like camping now. Noxxow decides that he wants to tell a scary campfire story. It is called "The Shoe." However, the story was so scary, it causes everyone to cry. Instead, Tom Camper decides to start singing campfire songs. He starts to play a peaceful guitar melody, but Noxxow thinks it's boring. He pulls out an electric guitar and starts rocking out. However, Tom warns him that loud noises can attract wild animals. Some wild animals come and everyone runs into the bus. Johnny returns home safely, but is mad at Noxxow for ruining the trip.


  • BeatBro made this episode because at the time, his class in school was going to go on a camping field trip.
  • The song Tom plays is Good King Wenceslas.


  • When everyone runs into the bus at the end, Tom Camper is left behind.
  • At one point, when Tom is angry, some people are still smiling. This was not intentional, according to BeatBro.
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