Chocolate! is the 41st episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 1/3/14. In this episode, Johnny uses a high-energy chocolate bar to help him
win a marathon.



The episode begins at a slow day at school, and Mr. Bob's class is taking a test. Noxxow talks back and gets sent to the principal's office (for the fifth time that morning), and Johnny does the test without complaining. Later that day, the class goes to PE to play some basketball. At the end of the day, Mussel reminds the class that the Moonville Marathon is coming up. Later that day, Johnny is minding his own business, when he runs into Buck, who starts taunting him, telling him that he has no chance of winning the race. But when Johnny walks home that day, he runs into a vending machine that sells high-energy chocolate bars. He thinks that it will help him run faster if he had one. He tries to get one, but has no money. He goes back home to get some, and says hi to Mrs. Blan and Karen while he is there. He gets tired because he walked for so long, but hopes that the chocolate bar will change that.

The next day, the marathon has begun, and Johnny is prepared. Since he can run so fast, he easily zooms past all the other runners. But when he is almost done, Buck starts running right behind him, which startles Johnny. He says that he saw Johnny getting that chocolate bar, and decided to get one of his own. The episode ends on a similar note to The Killers 2 and Buck!, saying that Mussel couldn't afford a trophy, so he got a "high energy chocolate bar" instead, much to Johnny and Buck's dismay.


  • This is the second appearance of Kaca Tacoz and Buck.
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