Courtroom is the 15th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 11//9/12. In this episode, Mrs. Blan is determined to find where her missing
yoga ball went.


  • Mrs. Blan
  • Mr. Blan
  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Karen
  • Courtroom Guy
  • Others


Mrs. Blan notices that her favorite yoga ball has gone missing, so she tells everyone to get into the car. She explains that she is trying to find her missing yoga ball to everyone else. But Johnny says that she is too obsessed with yoga, causing her to go crazy. Eventually, the family ends up at the courthouse. The courtroom guy is sad because no one ever comes, until the Blans show up. He says that he knows all of their names. This is what happens when he calls each family member to the stand:

Noxxow: He claims that he is innocent, so he gets to sit back down.

Johnny: He says that Johnny is across the street, causing the courtroom guy to run there. He then realizes that Johnny had just tricked him, and he runs back inside.

Mrs. Blan: She is confused, because she is the one who owns the missing yoga ball.

Karen: She is not called on, because she's too young.

Mr. Blan: He is innocent as well.

Then, the Blans find out that it was the courtroom guy who had stolen the ball, because he wanted more people to come to the courthouse. Mrs. Blan then grows giant and attacks him. The other Blans then go back to the car.


  • This contains a similar plot to the another episode, Principal's Edge.
  • The woman in the shop is the same character as the ones in the courthouse.


  • The car at the end takes off at an unintentionally fast amount of speed.
  • In most other episodes, the Blan's car is red, but here, it is white.
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