Evil Johnny is the 28th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 2/17/13. In this episode, Noxxow convinces Johnny to become mean.


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Mr. Bob
  • Charles
  • Detention teacher
  • Bill (kid in detention)
  • Principal Julia
  • Unnamed kid that Johnny picks on
  • Various others


One day, another school day is about to begin. When Mr. Bob starts grading the homework, it causes Johnny to start stressing out. He explains to Charles that he forgot his homework. Charles tries to calm him down by letting him know that he forgets his homework all the time. Mr. Bob explains that Johnny needs to go to detention because of this. Johnny starts to cry. After detention, he asks Noxxow if he is a bad kid, and Noxxow sarcastically says yes. But Johnny takes it seriously. He starts bullying one kid, which causes the kid to tell Principal Julia. She tells Johnny to go to her office, but Johnny runs away. She and the kid Johnny bullied chase after Johnny. She lets Johnny know that he is actually a really nice kid, but he still needs to be punished, which causes him to start crying. The episode says that its moral is to never take Noxxow seriously.


  • The beginning of the episode is a homage to Principal's Edge.
  • When Johnny is in detention, there is another kid with him. This is assumed to be Bill, who Mr. Bob mentioned while passing out detentions.


  • When Johnny kicks the kid at one part, he uses another leg instead of his own.
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