Giant Trouble is the 43th episode of Johnny Blan, and is also part two of the series finale. It was published on 1/16/14. In this episode, The Noxxowbot
 grows giant and tries to destroy Moonville.


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • The Noxxowbot
  • Mr. Blan
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Karen
  • Uncle Sherm
  • Barb
  • Principal Julia
  • Mayor of Moonville
  • Mr. Skyheart
  • The Really Good Band that Does not Suck members
  • Others


The episode begins with the Noxxowbot destroying a sign. At first, it says "welcome to Moonville, the second happiest place on Earth," but it gets changed to "OW." He laughs maniacally and says that he is about to destroy the Blans. Meanwhile, the Blans are at Uncle Sherm's Cafe. But Johnny says that he feels guilty. Mr. Blan asks if it is because he ate the last cookie. Johnny says no, because Karen ate it. The reason why he feels guilty is because he released the Noxxowbot on the world. Uncle Sherm says that he can fight it, but when it comes in, he gets scared and runs away. Now the Noxxowbot is giant! He says that he has gotten more powerful from being in Noxxow's computer for so long. Bravely, Johnny runs after him, hoping to defeat him. Barb is walking around, when the Noxxowbot picks her up and starts climing a tall building. Johnny takes the elevator to the top. When he gets up, he and Barb are stunned because the Noxxowbot isn't doing anything. But he says the reason why is because he's sad. He gives a backstory of why, which explains that he is a lonely robot in a world he understands nothing about. Johnny asks if all of that is true, but the Noxxowbot says no, and that his only purpose in life is to kill him. Johnny and Barb run around and lure him right off of the building. He falls to his death and breaks. Later that day, everyone in Moonville has a party to celebrate the Noxxowbot's defeat. Everyone is just dancing and having fun. Eventually, the mayor of Moonville interrupts everyone and gives a speech. He says that Johnny and Barb are the saviors of the city and everyone claps. Then, Mr. Skyheart and Noxxow start playing a song to celebrate, but they are so bad, the mayor runs away crying. Next, The Really Good Band That Does Not Suck starts playing Turn Back Around. A little bit later, the episode ends.


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