K in a Day Special is the 29th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 2/25/13. This is the first episode of Johnny's favorite show, K in a

Orange and Jackson



  • Jackson
  • Aliens
  • Orange (another alien)
  • Ghost
  • Johnny
  • Charles
  • Barb


The episode within an episode begins with an apocalyptic future. Aliens have taken over Earth and it is in ruins. A message says "only one human can stop this..."

It then, cuts to Jackson, the main character of the show. She is sad because the aliens have taken over the world and almost killed her brother (but luckily they didn't). She starts singing a sad song, which is soon interrupted by a crashing sound. She comes over to see an alien named Orange. He says that he is Orange, which confuses Jackson because he is the color orange and that's also his name. She then goes to the coffee shop to relax for a bit. But this is interrupted by another alien. She goes outside and beats it up. But because she did that, a spirit comes down. It says that she has what it takes to defeat all of the aliens. He gives her superpowers in order to do this. Now that the first episode has ended, Johnny, Charles, and Barb say that they liked it.


  • The scene where Jackson meets Orange is similar to "Who's on Third."
  • This is the only time a full episode of K in a Day has appeared so far.


  • How could Jackson fight the aliens before she even got superpowers?
  • When Jackson runs out of the coffee shop, the table goes in front of her instead of behind.
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