Land of Free Choice is the 26th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 1/27/13. In this episode, Karen goes to a dimension where there
are no rules.


  • Karen
  • The Gaurdian of the Land of Free Choice
  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Mr. Blan
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Various others


One morning, Mr. Blan asks Karen to take out the trash. She argues that she is too young to do chores like that, but does it anyway. When she gets back, Mr. Blan tells her to wash the dishes. Finally, he tells her to make her bed. At this point, she had gotten tired of doing chores, and yells at him. She wishes that she could go to a place where there are no rules. But then, the Gaurdian of the Land of Free Choice comes down and explains that she can. They both go to the Land of Free Choice. Here, Karen can fly, change her age, grow giant, and various other things. Meanwhile, the other Blans are trying to find Karen, because they don't know where she is. Johnny sees a note outside that explains that Karen went to the Land of Free Choice.

Meanwhile, Karen is having fun, when the Gaurdian of the Land of Free Choice announces that he hasn't gotten a chance to kill her yet. Realizing that the place was a trap, Karen tries to run away from him. She eventually sees a portal back to the real world, which she jumps into. However, the portal was still open, so the Gaurdian of the Land of Free Choice jumps in, too. Everyone is happy to have Karen back! But TGOTLOFC could return sometime soon...



  • At first, TGOTLOFC's voice is Scary Voice, but for the rest of the episode it is Alan.
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