Life in the T.V is the 19th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 11/19/12. In this episode, Johnny and Charles go inside their TV. 

Johnny and Charles, as an anime.


  • Johnny
  • Charles
  • Noxxow
  • Karen


The episode starts with Noxxow and Karen having a video game-style fight. It ends with Karen winning. Then, it reveals that they were both playing a virtual-reality game. Johnny comes in and sees their virtual reality machine (which looks like a washing machine), and asks if he can borrow it. Noxxow says yes, but warns him that he will get stuck in the TV forever if he is not careful. Johnny, however, did not hear him. Charles comes over. Then, Johnny uses the machine to suck both of them into their game. However, the game was not currently on before they got sucked in, so they go to a stick-figure cartoon instead. Noxxow comes by and notices that they are in the TV. Then he takes control of the remote and sends them to an anime cartoon. Next, he sends them to a space-related cartoon. Then, they go to a monster cartoon. But it was then where Noxxow gets bored and decides to turn the TV off. Johnny and Charles are worried that they will get stuck in the TV forever. However, they just get spit back out instead.


  • This episode was originally supposed to be a short, but BeatBro decided to turn it into an episode instead.
  • There is one part where a hand-drawn picture of Noxxow's head can be seen in a picture frame.


  • At one part, Johnny said that he wanted to go into a K in a Day game, but he calls it a show later in the episode.
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