Noxxowberg is the twelth episode of Johnny Blan, and is the season 1 finale. It was released on 10/27/12. In this episode, Noxxow tries to take
over the world.


  • Noxxow
  • Trish
  • Johnny
  • Kim
  • Mr. Blan
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Gertrude Alisals
  • Principal Julia
  • Alvin
  • Mr. Skyheart
  • Various background characters


The Blans are trying to relax, when they notice Noxxow is missing. A girl comes over and lets them know that someone is destroying the city. They then find out that Trish is responsible. She says that Noxxow is at the New Bar. Johnny goes to look there, but cannot find anybody. Then he realizes that Trish had tricked him. After a while, the city is in complete ruins. Meanwhile, Noxxow is back at home, preparing a spaceship which he can fly into space and conquer the aliens with. He just shoots a toy spaceship with a grow-ray. Then, he goes to pick up Trish with it. However, little do they know that the Blans have snuck aboard. They walk around the ship, looking for Noxxow and Trish, and finally find them. Karen fights Noxxow, but loses. Enraged, Johnny pushes Noxxow out into space. But then, he feels sorry because Noxxow is dead. Kim flies the ship home (not very goodly), and Johnny is still sad. But then, he finds out that Noxxow is alive, and that Johnny had killed a robot that just looks like Noxxow, called the Noxxowbot. Everyone tries to give him a group hug, but he runs away in fear.

Subplot: Mr. Blan talks to Alvin (the head admin of GoAnimate) about why he sounds "like a goat" whenever he screams.


  • Season 1 finale
  • This is the longest season 1 episode, at almost 9 minutes
  • At the end, there is a brief clip of Mr. Skyheart playing the drums and singing.


  • The montage where the Blans are looking for Noxxow had been unintentionally sped up
  • GoAnimate was created in an office building, not a trailer
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