Out of Power is the 23rd episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 12/23/12. In this episode, Noxxow turns off all the power in Moonville.


  • Johnny
  • Charles
  • Noxxow
  • Kim
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Unnamed kid and father


In the beginning, Johnny and Charles are watching an episode of K in a Day. Meanwhile, Noxxow is working on a machine. This machine will cause all of the lights to go out in Moonville, so that nobody can find his lab. The lights go out, and Johnny and Charles try to fumble around in the darkness. Eventually, they go outside. Mrs. Blan is sad because it's too dark to see any yoga trucks. But she also says that she heard Noxxow working on something in his lab. The boys try to find it, but fail. Then Noxxow approaches them, and hits Johnny with an anti-gravity ray, causing him to fly upwards. Somehow, Charles is able to catch him. It ends with Kim throwing out Noxxow's machine. There is also a "merry Christmas" message from BeatBro, since this episode was released just before Christmas.


  • In Noxxow's lab, there is a tiny picture of the mystery machine (van from Scooby Doo).


  • How could Charles catch Johnny if Johnny was in the sky at that point?
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