Playin' for the Principal is the ninth episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 10/19/12. In this episode, Johnny tries to win a basketball game to win a bet with his principal.


  • Johnny
  • Principal Julia
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Mussel
  • Noxxow
  • Charles
  • Various others


Johnny is sent to the principal's office, even though he did nothing wrong. He claims that Noxxow did the bad thing (putting a whoopee cussion on Principal Julia's chair) and claimed that Johnny did it. Principal Julia sees how sad Johnny looks, and makes a bet with him: if he can win a basketball game, she will believe him more often. Johnny can't play basketball very well, so he asks Mussel for some help. Mussel says that the main goal is to "shoot for the rim, and the game you'll win." Then, he finds out that the game is tonight, at 8:00. So, Johnny tries not to forget what Mussel said, which is made difficult because many things keep happening that distract him. After a sequence of events, Johnny sees that it's almost 8:00, and rushes to get to school. He abandoned Mrs. Blan, so she chases after him. Eventally, he gets to school and the game begins. He shoots the ball at the rim of the hoop, and it bounces off a bunch of things, until it successfully lands in the hoop. Johnny's team wins! Julia asks Johnny how she can make it up to him, and he tells her to do all of his chores at home.


  • Julia said that if Johnny won she would believe him more often, but instead she did all of Johnny's chores.
  • First episode to combine different animation themes
  • In real life, shooting for the rim of a basketball hoop won't really gaurantee if you will win or not (which is kind of obvious)
  • Sometimes, this episode is called Playi'n or Playing for the Principal instead of Playin' for the Principal
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