Principal's Edge: TranscriptEdit

(The episode begins off in Johnny's school, where he and his classmates are about to do their daily warm-up math problems.)

Mr. Bob: Good morning, class. Please take out your textbooks and answer all the questions in 5 minutes.

Noxxow: 5 minutes? You might as well give us 5 hours!

Mr. Bob: No, I'm giving you--wait, what's that? (Notices a kid lying on the floor)

Noxxow: What's what?

Mr. Bob: That, a beat up student! We'll have to find out who knocked him out.

(They go to the principal's office.)

Mr. Bob: Principal Julia, can you solve the mystery of who knocked out Charles Yopo?

Johnny: Charles Yopo? That's my best friend!

Principal Julia: (Enters, dancing) Here I am, fat as can be, Mr. Bob! Wait, someone beat up a student?

Well, let's solve this mystery. I call Noxxow Blan over.

Noxxow: (Walking forwards): I swear, I didn't do it! I try to destroy Moonville and the ashes of everything I destroy, but I did not beat up Charles!

Principal Julia: Yeah, right! Well, then I call Johnny Blan over!

Johnny: I didn't do it! How about we go back to the crime scene and look for evidence?

(They go back to the classroom)

Johnny: (Notices that Charles is not there anymore) Hey, where's Charles, the guy that got knocked out?

Charles: (Surprising Johnny from behind) Here I am!!

Johnny: Waa! Oh, Charles! You're alive!

Charles: Let me explain: I was bored with the same things happening at this school, so I faked being unconscious so we'd have a more interesting day! (Everyone looks at him madly) What?

Mr. Bob: Get. That. Kid!

(Everyone chases Charles through the town. There are a couple background characters doing things such as playing the drums (Mr. Skyheart), breaking a hip (Johnny's grandma), talking on the phone (Mussel), and walking in slo-mo (Barb). Soon, after a whole day has passed), Charles runs to a harbor.)

Charles: Whoa, I think I lost them!

(The others show up) Mr Bob: Charles, you stalled math time! You'll lose a gold star for this!

Charles: Who cares about math? I care about having fun, you little--

(Johnny accidentally knocks a street light onto Charles. He then walks home crying, but Noxxow doesn't care.)

Mrs. Blan: Hi, Johnny. How was your day?

Johnny: (Through tears) Well, other than Charles getting crazilly hurt, fine! (Notices Charles again, except that he is okay) Wait, Charles? Charles!!

Charles: (In a higher voice) Johnny!!

(They both run together to high-five, but miss.)

Johnny: Let's try again.

(They high-five successfully, and the episode ends.)

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