Rushmore is the 30th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 3/2/13. In this episode, Johnny and his family go on a trip to Mt. Rushmore. 

The Blans at the bridge


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Mr. Blan
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Karen
  • Bridge Guy
  • Cop
  • Park Ranger


On the first day of Summer vacation, the Blans are planning on going to Mt. Rushmore. They all get in the car and head off. However, there are a few problems along the way. First, there is a broken bridge. A construction worker lets them know that the bridge is broken, but Mr. Blan ignores him. Because of this, the bridge breaks while they try to drive over it. Then they continue to drive, but crash again. Eventually, they make it to North Dakota. However, they get arrested because they went one over the speed limit, which is not much, but it still results in about 10 minutes in jail. Afterwards, the Blans rush to Mt. Rushmore. But once they make it, the park closes. Angered, Mr. Blan punches him, ending the episode.


  • BeatBro considers this to be the most mature episode of the show, due to some violence and the fact that Mr. Blan says "screw you" once.
    • That line was almost cut out, but wasn't.
  • All of the states from Oregon to South Dakota are shown, except Montana, for an unknown reason.
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