Secret Admirer is the 21st episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 11/25/12. In this episode, Johnny tries to find out who passed him a love
letter in class.


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Trish
  • Kim
  • Mr. Bob
  • Mussel
  • Mr. Skyheart
  • Principal Julia
  • Charles
  • Barb


Johnny is in class, when a pink paper airplane arrives on his desk. It turns out to be a love letter that says "hey Johnny, I love you very much! You rock! Signed, X." Johnny then tries to figure out who X is. He asks various people around the school, but none of them said that they passed it. After recess, Johnny tells Mr. Bob about getting the note. This gets Noxxow to admit that he was the one who passed it. He gets a detention (which is actually his 100th one that week). After the detention, everyone starts teasing Noxxow by saying that he is in love with Johnny. Noxxow angrilly tells them all to stop. He explains that he was trying to distract everyone by passing them notes, but he could only get to Johnny. He was trying to distract them so that none of them could see that he was working on a giant robot. But now that it has been exposed, he and Trish get into it and start terrorizing the school. But Johnny notices that the robot is plugged in. He saves the day by simply unplugging it.


  • Kim refers to the song "We are the Champions" by Queen when she says "Johnny, you are the champion, my friend."


  • Why couldn't Noxxow get to everybody? It is never explained.
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