Sherm vs. Mussel is the 32d episode of Johnny Blan. It is also the season 3 finale. It was published on 3/29/13. In this episode, the Blans

Sherm fighting a caveman.

watch a fencing tournament that their uncle is in.


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Mr. Blan
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Karen Blan
  • The Noxxowbot
  • Uncle Sherm
  • Caveman
  • George Washington
  • Mussel
  • Doctor
  • Various others


The episode picks up just where Caveman Antics left off, with the Noxxowbot falling down to Earth. Meanwhile the Blans are just trying to relax when there is a loud thumping sound. It reveals that the Noxxowbot has landed and is ready to fight them. However, it turns out that the Blans need to go to their uncle's fencing tournament at the same time. Since he is a pretty good fighter, the Blans leave Noxxow to fight the Noxxowbot while they go to the fencing tournament. They drive there. Once they get there, they take their seats and the fight begins. First, Sherm fights a angry caveman. Fortunately, Sherm cuts the caveman in half with ease. Next, he is about to fight George Washington, who is somehow still alive. Sherm sends him flying. The third and final round is now here, but the announcer says that this is the only round that counts. Sherm's third and final opponent is Mussel, Johnny's P.E teacher at school. This concerns Johnny, though, because he is worried that Mussel will die, since he thinks he has no-to-little expirience fencing. Sherm also won't know to go easy on him. Johnny tries to save Mussel, but it's too late, because Sherm slices him up. Johnny starts to cry and remember all he has done with Mussel. A little bit later, the Blans go to the hospital to check on him. Mr. Blan expects to hear a flatline, but doesnt because Mussel has lived! Mussel explains that he actually has practiced fencing, so he could survive getting sliced up and has since stitched himself back together. The Blans drive home. When they get there, Noxxow says that he has defeated the Noxxowbot. Everyone decides to have an epic dance party, which ends the episode.

At the very end, Sherm gets a phone call which lets him know that Mussel was okay.


  • Footage of Noxxow fighting the Noxxowbot will not be shown until Byte-Sized World.
  • Johnny feels similar to how he felt when he thought Noxxow died in Noxxowberg when he thought Mussel died.
  • Season 3 finale.


  • How could Mussel survive getting cut in half?
  • Despite being called fencing, the matches seem more like sword-fighting.
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