This is the transcript for Stuck in a Cabinet, from Johnny Blan.

Johnny: What a lovely day! How could it possibly go wrong? (Gets phone call) Hello, it's Johnny Blan. Yeah, uh-huh, what? What? I can't believe dad got stuck in a filing cabinet at work and someone needs to save him. Noxxow!

Noxxow: Yeah?

Johnny: Can you free dad from the cabinet he somehow fell into at his office?

Noxxow: Why should I?

Johnny: I'll let you take over Moonville if you do. Maybe.

Noxxow: (Runs to office) Deal's a deal.

Johnny: I said maybe, Noxxow!

Noxxow: (at office) Daaaaaaad! Daaaaaaad!

Mr. Blan: (in cabinet) Someone get me outta here!

Noxxow: Why should I?

Mr. Blan: I'm claustraphobic, and may die! No more me means, well, no more me!

Noxxow: (runs out of office) And that means less people to expirement on!

(Noxxow walks into an elevator and runs out when he reaches the top.)

Noxxow: Hey you, do you have the key to the filing cabinet room 12b?

Eddy (bg character): No, but you can shoot it open with this gun.

Noxxow: (Takes gun) Thanks, whoever you are.

Eddy: The name's Eddy, whoever you are!

(Noxxow shoots filing cabinet open.)

Mr. Blan: Oh, hi, Noxxow?

Noxxow: I came here to free you from the cabinet you got stuck in, because Johnny forced me to.

Mr. Blan: Well, we'd better get going.

(Noxxow and Mr. Blan walk home.)

Johnny: Yay! You're both alive!

Noxxow: Yes we are. Now may you please calm down and let me talk over Moonville?

Johnny: No.

Noxxow: Then why did you say I could?

Johnny: I said maybe, you bag o' barf!

Noxxow: That does it! (He and Johnny start fighting.)

Yummy: Meow.

Narrator: Well, that ends the story. Do you like it?

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