The Cuss Fuss is the 36th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 8/28/13. In this episode, Mr. Blan teaches Karen a word... and that
word is bad!


  • Mr. Blan
  • Karen
  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Jackson (K in a Day)
  • Store Cashier
  • The Gaurdian of the Land of Free Choice


The episode starts at what is apparently a video game store, and Mr. Blan is looking for a game. He finds the one he's looking for, and is about to pay for it, when the store cashier lets him know that the game is very hard and he got very mad testing it. Mr. Blan explains that he only got mad at a game once, and a flashback begins. He loses a level, which causes him to get very angry and swear. Unfortunately, Johnny and Karen had ran into the room, and heard him.

Later that night, the Blans are going out to have dinner. But while they are eating, Karen asks Mrs. Blan what a (swear) is. Mrs. Blan finds out that she learned that word from Mr. Blan and scolds him. Johnny and Noxxow start repeatedly swearing back and forth, causing Karen to cry.

Even later, Karen is still upset and wants to go to a place where bad words don't exist. This causes The Gaurdian of the Land of Free Choice to appear again. He tries to chase Karen to kill her instead. They run into the house. Karen tells Mr. Blan to play his game again, which he agrees to. The extreme amount of cussing scares the GOTLOFC off, and everyone is happy.

Outside of the flashback, Mr. Blan says that he still wants the game he got.



  • When Mr. Blan says "nonsense, I still want it," his voice is the same as the cashier's.
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