This is the transcript for The Killers 2.

(Episode starts with Noxxow walking into Mr. Skyheart's house.

Noxxow: Hi Mr. Skyheart. Ready to rock and roll?

Mr. Skyheart: Oh yes, let's get this party started.

Noxxow: But can you please not sing? You almost destroyed the worldlast week with it.

Mr. Skyheart: My singing's not bad! I'll prove it! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala! Now that wasn't bad, was it?

Noxxow: Actually, very.

Mr. Skyheart: Hey, I have an idea. We can get a new singer!

Noxxow: Yeah, we can become a band, and not a duo. And I know just who can sing!

(He and Mr. Skyheart run off-screen.)

Noxxow: Hey Kim, would you like to join our band? You'll be the singer.

Kim: Of course! I've always wanted to be in a band! But I had to be your lab assistant instead.

Mr. Skyheart: But how do you sing?

Kim: Like this: (sings the GoAnimate jingle)

Mr. Skyheart: That was amazing! I love the GoAnimate jingle.

Noxxow: Hey guys, wanna be a band? I mean, Kim didn't even have to practice.

Kim: Yeah, but what name do we want?

Mr. Skyheart: Let's go around Moonville and ask everyone we know.

(Everyone gives them suggestions. Johnny suggests "KimRandyNoxxow," Karen suggests "123Sunnybunny," Angel suggests "The Sweetyboos," and Mussel suggests "The Healthy Joggers.")

Noxxow: Ugh, I give up! Nobody has any decent band name ideas.

Kim: Wait, I know. The Killers.

Noxxow: (Jumps for joy) Oh yeah!

Mr. Skyheart: Wait, isn't that name, The Killers, already taken?

Noxxow: Well, how about The Killers 2.

(Later that same day)

Noxxow: Hey Johnny, Randy, Kim and I are becoming a band! We're called The Killers 2.

Johnny: Wait, what about my name? And wait, why do you want to be a band?

Noxxow: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Is that all you can ever say?

Johnny. No... (to Mr. Blan) Hey dad, Noxxow, Kim, and Mr. Skyheart want to perform in a concert.

Mr. Blan: Well guess what? There's a big concert in Zommyelta Beach tonight. How's that for a perfect timing?

Mr. Skyheart: Well, let's sign up.

(The trio goes to the stage to sign up.)

What's-His-Face: Sup, brothers! If you want to perform tonight, just sign the paper over there.

Noxxow: Your voice is annoying. Alright. (Signs paper) Okay, I signed up. Now what?

What's-His-Face: Well, see you brothers at 9:00, during the concert. 9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9-9!

Noxxow: Well, see ya.

(Later that night, the trio is practicing a song.)

Kim: Wait, what time is it?

Noxxow: Oh my gosh, it's almost 9! We gotta go!

(They all head to the concert. Another band is playing, but they finish their song just as soon as they arrive.)

Johnny: Well guys, you're up.

Kim: Let's do this. (Song starts.)

What's-His-Face: Oh no, it's that Skyheart guy! They have a new singer, but he could burst out singing whenever! (Runs over to Mr. Skyheart.)

Johnny: hey mister! What do you think you're doing?

What's-His-Face: Trying to make sure Mr. Skyheart doesn't randomly burst out singing!

Johnny: He won't do that! Wait, you know him?

What's-His-Face: Who doesn't? He sings so awfully! Well Mr. Skyheart, say goodbye. (Jumps on his head.)

(The Killers 2 were very successful, but decided not to play anymore.)

(Mr. Skyheart went to the hospital, but only for like 5 seconds.)

(What's-His-Face (that's his real name) got arrested, but only for like 5 seconds.)

(And Kim went back to being Noxxow's lab assistant.)

The End!

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