The Petition is the 38th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 12/1/13. In this episode, Johnny must start a petition in order to save
Cogencracker Amusement Park from closing down.


  • Johnny
  • Noxxow
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Mr. Bob
  • Mailman
  • Charles
  • Principal Julia
  • Barack Obama
  • Iron Fistz
  • Random background character guy
  • Construction worker
  • Kim/Trish (mentioned)


The episode begins with Johnny getting the mail. One of the things that he gets is an letter, which Mrs. Blan reads. It says that Cogencracker Amusement Park is being closed down due to inactivity. The two of them panic, and Johnny decides to start a petition to save the park. He walks around, asking random people he sees. A while later, he discovers that he is only missing one signature: the one from his brother. He goes to Noxxow's lab, but he is busy since Kim and Trish aren't there. He tells Johnny that if he can have Johnny test some potions, he'll sign the petition. The potions cause Johnny to become giant, have an Itallian accent, and turn into a computer chair. After Noxxow signs the petition, Johnny rushes to the amusement park in order to save it from being shut down. He shows it to one of the construction workers, and that changes his mind about wanting to shut the park down. He thanks Johnny, but is confused because he is a giant Itallian chair.


  • When Johnny visits Charles Yopo, there is a scene where both of their mouths accidentally move at the same time.
  • It never showed Johnny turn back to normal, but it's assumed that he did eventually.
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