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Time for Awesomeness 
is the 4th episode of Johnny Blan. It was published on 10/10/12. In this episode, Johnny tries to prevent Noxxow from being adopted.


  • Noxxow
  • Johnny
  • Kim
  • Mr. Blan
  • Mrs. Blan
  • Barb
  • Charles


The episode begins off with Johnny trying to do various things, each one being ruined by Noxxow. They are:

1. He tries to go on a date with Barb, but Noxxow freezes her in place.

2. He tries to film Charles jumping off a vending machine and landing on a bench, but Noxxow moves it.

3. He goes on a walk with his dad, but Noxxow clones him.

After a while, Johnny is fed up with Noxxow. He then tries to go back in time to prevent Noxxow from being adopted. In Noxxow's lab, Kim has a time-traveling phone. Johnny uses it. Back in time, Johnny puts up a "for sale" sign outside of the house which makes Noxxow ignore it. Johnny goes back to the present, and Noxxow is nowhere to be found. He then realizes the downsides of not having Noxxow as his brother. But then, Johnny sees his other-self, which messes up the space-time continium. While the universe is being torn apart, Johnny frantically looks for a way to turn things back to normal. He then asks Kim for help, which doesn't work. He is then sent back in time again, and decides that it would be better if he had let Noxxow join the family.


  • The episode is formarly/alternatively known as "Time for Epicness"
  • "YouPipe" is a parody of YouTube
  • When Mr. Blan said that he had to go to work, he actually went to a karaoke club
    • The girl singing at the karaoke club looks exactly like Kim
  • In this episode, Mrs. Blan's voice is done by Emma, but in every other episode her voice is done by Bridget


  • When Johnny first talks to Kim after coming back from the past, she doesn't know who Noxxow is. But the next time he talks to her, she does
  • Johnny didn't have to restart life with Noxxow--he could have just gone into the future again
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