This is what happened throughout Johnny Blna history.


  • April: The series had been created. Before the series was taken onto GoAnimate, BeatBro and his mom wrote Johnny Blan-related books.
    • Some of his books were called Johnny and the Cookie Mystery, Johnny's Bus Ride, A Sticky Situation, and Johnny Spies on Mrs. Blan.


  • Some more books were released. Some were called Blan Train Trip, That's Life, Junk Food Johnny, Right Rock, and Hotel Johnny.


  • More books were released. Some of them were called Johnny Blan in Boogalooga Resort, El Johnnio, Movie Johnny, and Blan Train Trip 2.


  • January: A book called Metal Johnny is released.
  • March: A book called Nice Noxxow is released.
  • July 3rd: The Johnny Blan Funbook is released.
  • July 4th: American Independence Day 2012.
  • July 2lst: A book called Enter and Die is released.
  • September 2nd: A book called Road Trippin' is released.
  • September 16th: An early website for Johnny Blan on is created.
  • September 21st: A book called Blan Dance-Off is released.
  • September 30th: A book called Where's Johnny Blan's Magic Rock? is released.
  • October 6th: BeatBro joins GoAnimate.
  • October 7th: The GoAnimate series of Johnny Blan is created.
  • October 8th: Principal's Edge is released.
  • October 9th: All Alone (No One But Yourself) is released.
  • October 10th: Time for Awesomeness is released.
  • October 11th: Karao-Key to Success is released.
  • October 12th: Bound for Busia is released.
  • October 13th: Mind my Machine is released.
  • October 14th: A test to make Johnny Blan-related games is run, but it fails.
  • October 18th: Baby Wars is released.
  • October 20th: Playin' for the Principal is released.
    • On the same day, the book Trick or Trick is released.
  • October 23rd: Hallo-Weenie is released.
  • October 26th: Noxxowberg is released.
  • October 30th: Lock-Down! is released.
  • October 31st: Halloween 2012.
  • November 2nd: A Johnny Blan Christmas is released.
  • November 5th: The first episode of season 2, Noxxow Unseen, is released.
  • November 6th: U.S Presidential Election 2012.
    • On the same day, a remake of "Mind my Machine" is made.
  • November 8th: @ the Office is released.
  • November 9th: Courtroom is released.
  • November 11th: Bully Boy is released.
  • November 16th: Peanilla Chocaramel is released.
  • November 18th: The Killers 2 is released.
  • November 19th: Life in the T.V is released.
  • November 22nd: Thanksgiving 2012.
  • November 23rd: The Hand (the original episode) is released.
  • November 25th: Secret Admirer is released.
  • November 27th: Group in Time is started.
  • December 1st: Group in Time is finished.
  • December 8th: The Cast of Johnny Blan is released.
    • On the same day, the book Falling Fool and Anti-Boy is released.
  • December 23rd: Out of Power is released.
  • December 25th: Christmas 2012.
  • December 28th: This was the original airdate for Livin' with Randy, but it didn't end up getting released until 2013.
  • December 31st: New Years Eve 2012.
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